Turn's Mission


 Background Checks

 Identity Verification

 National Criminal Check


 Education Verification

 Financial History

 Employment Verification

 Drug Test

 Common Background Check flows

 The Candidate Experience

 The Hiring Manager Experience

 Background Check Status







 First Notice

 Second Notice


 Sequencing of Checks

 MVR Matrix (Autoapprove)

 Different Levels of Integrations

 Standalone (No Integration)

 Unique Package URL

 Personal Invitation

 Fountain Integration

 Configure Fountain Secondary API Token in your Turn Dashboard

 Fountain - Adverse Action Flow

 Fountain - Store Data Configuration

 Greenhouse Integration

 API Integration

 a) Automating the background check request - Turn’s Protocol

 b) Automating the background check request - Your Protocol

 c) End to End Integration

 Test Identities

 Automating the background check request - Turn’s Protocol

 Automating the background check request - Your Protocol

 End to End Integration

 Query Endpoints

 Candidate Status

 Candidate Details


 Submitting an Application for Background Checks

 Approving an Applicant

 Review Status

 Reviewing Status Because Information Entered is Incorrect

 Reviewing Status Because the Adjudication Matrix Option is Enabled


 Adverse Action

 Dispute Process


 What is Sourcing?

 Manage Your Subscription & Billing

 Subscription Plans

 Manage Your Subscription

 Update Your Payment Method

 Set Up & Integrations

 Fountain Integration for Sourcing

 Greenhouse Integration for Sourcing

 Webhook API

 Onboarding API

 Initial Setup At-a-Glance

 Creating an onboarding flow

 Moving candidates through the onboarding flow

 Withdrawing candidates

 Approving candidates

 Rejecting candidates

 Workforce API

 Common Sourcing Flows

 API or ATS Integration

 No API or ATS Integration

 How Sourcing Works

 Target Workers

 By Age

 By Location

 By Experience

 By Transportation Methods

 Enter Desired Number of Applicants

 Invite Workers to Apply

 SMS Invite

 Application Confirmation Page

 Track Your Applicants

 View Applicant List

 Filter Applicants

 View Applicant Profiles

 Export Applicants



 Team Members

 Add a new Team Member

 Remove Team Members

 Edit Team Members

 Make Team Member Primary


 Screening Webhook URL

 Screening Fountain Integration

 Manage Sourcing Subscription

 Background Check Packages


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